Friday, 3 October 2014


Illustration by ThePaintedShoeArt

Hi.. hello.. long time no see!

I have neglected this poor little blog for far too long. It's definitely time to brush off the cobwebs and bring this little corner of the internet back to life! I thought it might be nice to have a proper fresh start, so I've hidden 99% of my previous posts, updated the layout and now I'm ready and raring to go again.

To be honest, I was a sporadic poster at the best of times, so 99% of you who see this pop up in your blog feed are probably like 'Who even is that and why am I subscribed?'

So.. Hi! I'm Sarah, but most of my friends call me Saz. I'm 24 years old and I currently live in Wales. I studied fashion design in Uni and I now own my own online boutique, A Midnight Wonderland, which is pretty fun and exciting.

I like to bake. I love to shop. I spend far too much money on beauty products. I have an unhealthy obsession with reality TV and I'm a biiiiit of a crazy rabbit lady. Seriously, I have a house bunny named Truffles and he is the most adorable furry thing on the planet. So I guess those are the types of posts you'd end up seeing on here.. fashion, beauty, baking, lifestyle etc. I hope you enjoy them.
I'd love to get some new blogs on my reading list, so if anyone has any recommendations (or wants to recommend themselves.. haha), please let me know in a comment! I'm really excited to be back in the blogging world again!

Also, I've got to add.. how beautiful is the illustration at the top of the post? It's by ThePaintedShoeArt on ETSY and I have fallen completely in love with her work. I can't decide which print I want to purchase first!


  1. great blog post :)

    you have a lovely blog here

    come say hi


    1. Thanks Jade! Checking out your blog now! :)