Saturday, 2 November 2013

Autumn Wish List

I can't believe we're already almost through Autumn, where has the time gone? I'm not digging the cold, miserable weather, but I am so excited about getting to break out the onesies and light all my wintery candles.. and I may already be totally excited for Christmas! Anyway.. on with the Autumn Wish List! Here are a couple of the things I'm lusting after night now.. 

1. Andrea Garland Hare Ring / 2. River Island Embellished Sweatshirt / 3. Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C

What's better than a bunny (well.. hare) ring? A bunny ring with lip balm inside! It kind of reminds me of those big plastic lipgloss rings I used to wear when I was a kid, except in much chicer packaging.

This Autumn, I am all about snuggly sweaters! I saw the kitty sweater featured on RunningOnHappiness blog and immediately became obsessed with it. I'm so tempted to order it! I also really love this embellished neck line one from River Island too.

When I was in New York earlier this year I bought a Rebecca Minkoff mini m.a.c bag in neon pink. I absolutely love it, but it's a little too small for every day use, plus being neon pink, it doesn't exactly go with everything. So, I think this rose gold one would be perfect for every day! It's a size up from the mini mac, so I could fit all my essentials in it and I'm just so in love with the rose gold colour.

I really need to buy some new biker boots for winter. I have a pair from New Look that I love, but they're so painful, I can't wear them for more than a few hours, so I hope these River Island beauties are the comfy ones I've been searching for!

Finally, I'm loving this cat print dress from H&M (are we noticing an animal theme here..?) I practically live in skater dresses in winter and this seems like the perfect one to add to my wardrobe!


  1. Oh WHY OH WHY is that RM rose bag so expensive!? It's a beaut! <3

    Tara xo

    1. RIGHT? Why do we always lust after the most expensive things? I paid less than half that for my other RM </3 haha

  2. LOVE the river island boots, I've been looking for some practical boots for the winter so these are now on my wish list!


    1. Aren't they amazing? They look SO comfy!

  3. I really love the look of Rebecca Minkoff bags, the rose gold is SO pretty!

    Jennie xo |